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Privatism Training Consultant is established as a business consulting company focusing on operation improvement and corporate culture building. We have been serving clients in various business sectors since 2008. Our mission is to help our clients create a long term business success and facilitate the growth of people. With our commitment and specific training strategies, we successfully trained up more than thousand members and leaders all over the world.


High-end market is one of our major focuses. We served the clients from the top tiers including LVMH, Richemont and Kering, specializing in luxurious mindset, passion selling, leadership, management skills and operation management. As a company based in Hong Kong, we are delighted that our trainees coming from all over the world and we have delivered the training programmes not only in Asia, but also in Europe and the US market.


In response to sales and service enhancement, we understand most of the training is one-off and trainees lose their momentum shortly after the training. Effectiveness of the training programme remains one of our top priority. We therefore provide one-stop solution ranging from pre-training 360° assessment, field coaching, train-the-trainer, operation management, policy reconstruction, incentive scheme etc. We facilitate not only the knowledge enhancement through the classroom training, but practically applying the skill into reality. More importantly, by applying psychological theory and bring that into different games and exercises, we instill a mindset change which enables trainee to craft their vision.


We offers a wide variety of tailor made training according to the need of client. As a bridge in between the management expectation and shop-floor reality, we work closely with all the stakeholders and create a best-fit programme and thus getting a promising result towards the business growth.

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Company Name: Privatism Training Consultants
Contact Person: Clive Kwok
Office: +852 2342 3693
Mobile: +852 6157 1018 / +86 14715765622
Email: training@privatism.net

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