Clive Kwok

Language: Cantonese Mandarin, English

Location: Hong Kong

Clive Kwok

As a graduate in Psychology, Clive has been working in training field since 2004. With focus on retail industry, Clive put most of his career on luxurious watch and jewellery. His training focus not only for the technical part like watch-making and gemology, but also very strong in mindset changes like “What is luxury”. He is able to incorporate his psychology background and training skill, providing solutions to clients on uplifting the overall performance.



Regarding to the watch & jewellery background, Clive is certified as diamond professional from Gemological Institute of America (GIA). He is able to turn the academic gemstone knowledge into fascinating subject like “How to differentiate fake and natural diamonds”. During his stay in international watch & jewellery brands, namely, Piaget and Chopard, Clive has also worked a lot on teaching watch-making, sales technique, visual merchandising, brand comparison etc.


Clive has also provided training on supervisory skill and leadership. He got recognition from the Coaching Clinic® as a Corporate Coach, enables him to provide on-the-floor coaching for supervisors and managers. He is also a certified MBTI® & Everything DiSC® trainer, which are psychological tools for personality assessment. The tools are well-received as management tool for leadership and building up synergy within the company. His was also a strong leader who was the Head of Training, leading a team of training professionals in Greater China region of a renowned Swiss watch-making and jewellery brand.


Other than classroom training, Clive has also worked for projects of team building and adventure-based outdoor activities. With his diversified but professional background, his training does not only instill trainees with specific knowledge but also arouses a lot of laugh, fun and inspiration.

Ryan Ng

Ryan Ng is a registered Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychologist with the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS). As an experienced, energetic, reflective facilitator and talent architecture designer, he has been applying psychological frameworks to groom talents to thrive in this ever-changing world – helping them maintain a quality of life at and outside work, while also contributes to productivity for achieving and sustaining business success in the workplace.

Ryan has got a diverse exposure under his belt. He has accumulated a mixture of experience being a consultant and in-house specialist for more than 10 years. He has served extensively in both boutique and global consultancy firms, as well as local and multinational corporations looking after talents on a regional scope, and dealing with C-suite, business leaders, and HR stakeholders. His customers spread across 4 different continents in the globe where he offers various scales of solutions on tailored HR strategy and talent management, including but not limited to culture change, design thinking, HR transformation, leadership development, organizational restructuring, career framework and pathway design, succession planning, talent assessment, and training. His passion is to bring culture and people together to boost business results.

Ryan has run different programmes and training in:

  1. Coaching and feedback
  2. Mindset shifting for the future of work
  3. Interview techniques
  4. Presentation skills and public speaking techniques
  5. Storytelling and effective communication
  6. Design thinking and hackathon
  7. Talent assessment

Ryan has been the Event Officer for the Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology (DIOP) since 2018, organizing events to connect members and the general public with the latest trends in the field. He is also a guest radio personality for D100 radio, hosting a monthly radio programme about different topics of psychology at work and suggest relevant coping strategies.

Ryan received his MSc in Occupational Psychology from the University of Nottingham and held a Bachelor in Psychology with the City University of Hong Kong. A member of the British Psychological Society, Ryan is a certified user of many well-known assessment tools in the market. Before his career journey as an I/O psychologist, Ryan also experienced in industries such as education, finance, and marketing.

Jetta Chan

Mr. Jetta Chan is an experienced trainer and facilitator who has over 15 years of working experiences in both in-house and training consultancy firm. He was the Head of Training and Talent Development for some world-famous Swiss watch-making and Jewelry group & brands, leading teams of training professionals in Greater China & North Asia regions. During his consultancy career, he has conducted a very wide range of management trainings for various industries such as Retail, Finance, Professional Services, FMCG, Education, Government & NGOs, etc…

His extensive exposure in different training arenas shapes himself with sound training acumen. He has solid experiences in designing and delivering programs in the areas of Luxury Retail, Sales & Services, Business Presentation, Communication with influence, Team Building, Self-Development and Public Speaking.

Over the years, Jetta has equipped himself with excellent training and facilitation skills by getting variety types of tools such as Design Thinking, Everything DiSC®, NLP, Coaching, Active Reviewing, Enneagram etc. He is experienced in using different training methods, such as role play and experiential activities, to facilitate the learning process. He is often regarded by his trainees as a knowledgeable, fun and inspired trainer who engages the classes very well to achieve concrete learnings for usage in daily work and life.

Specialized training topics

  • High effective team building with impact
  • Presentation with result
  • MC / Public speaking training
  • Design thinking
  • Creativity / Innovative thinking
  • Skills for new managers
  • Business strategic meeting process facilitation
  • Leading the team with positive psychology
  • Team mindset tuning by Growth Mindset
  • Embracing and making use of CHANGE
  • Everything DiSC® (Workplace/Team/Sales/Management/Leader363/Productive Conflict)
  • 360 Leadership
  • Managing young generation
  • Communicating / Managing different people by Enneagram
  • Powerful Goal Setting
  • Story telling workshop
  • Train-the-trainer/Trainer coaching program
  • Activity based training skill workshop
  • How to make your training impactful & interesting by using plenty of games
  • First class service in luxury industry
  • Luxurious selling technique
  • Effective boutique/store management