A constant challenge in business is to drive changes yet we all know that it is essential to catch up with the trend. Even we are able to convince the key stakeholders to sit together and make something from happening, we may be struggling to tap on the good start and steer the change in an aligned direction. Ryan helped a multi-national company with more than 100 senior regional affiliate leaders to re-imagine how transformation looks like to them, shape mindset for ongoing and foreseeable changes, and maintain the momentum for making changes sustainable.


Step 1 – Surfacing mindset: Open but structured dialogue to uncover the assumptions and mindsets of the organization.

Step 2 – Letting go “old self”: Challenge oneself on the impact of individual mindsets, assumptions, biases, roles on the systems, the difficulties to “unlearn” used practice.

Step 3 – Letting the new things in: Listen to others’ stories, learn from the other practices, and make a list of takeaways for ongoing experiments.

Step 4 – Committing to try and implement: Put together the reflections and actions, and sign-off for a commitment to change.


Ryan successfully gained solid commitment and actions on affiliate levels to reinforce new mindsets to facilitate the transformation journey in the organisation